This is a preventive program orientated ti prolong the living of our items, through the general supervision, cleanness and products needs.

Preventive Maintenance will help secure the quality of our products that are bought in our stores. This is possible thanks to our team of professionals technicians that will provide an excellent customer service.

We also manage a semestral monitoring through a call to assure the optimums use of their product. This program offers maintenance in periods of 2 – 3 years over the standard guarantee offered by the product.


Education Center Lady Lee (CELL)


This Project was created with the purpose of gaining leadership within our company.  Equipped with several virtual boxes, credit and sales stands so that our  new employees  may be trained in a way that they  can learn each of the process in our  different departments.

A better service is what we claim through a differentiated value in our seek to be the # 1 company in Honduras.

This is a tool that will provide that confidence each of our employees need through practice, so that when they are on the store they can give the best of them, and provide our customers the best customer service.

We have an instructional center located in San Pedro Sula and soon  in Tegucigalpa.


Registry System


This is a new system that will facilitate the shopping experiences to our thousands of customers. Each of them can select the item which they like from over 80,000 different options in any of our 5 department stores.

Our registry club from Lady Lee will offer a wide range of possibilities for any type of event: Baby shows, weddings, Birthday parties with in others.






Lady Lee continues offering more benefits to its customers, with the new gift card which comes to complement tha multiple services that only Lady Lee can offer.

The purpose of this new shopping option is to facilitate the lives of our customer through an easy and secure option.  With our new gift card our shopping experience are unlimited, our user can shop in any of our 16 stores nationwide. Lady Lee offers unique stores concepts such as  a first level technology store. Our gift cards are availabre from 200 to 15,000 lempiras.

Our gift card will be the perfect gift ! 



Distribution Center


Our Distribution Centers are located in the cities of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa with an area over 20 thousand f2 in three storage nationwide. Operated through a WMS.

With over 60,000 SKUs.

We manage different delivery options with a float of 35 units.

1.       Delivery service to 16 stores nationwide.

2.       Delivery service to our corporate sales customers, over 500 customers in 50 different cities.

3.       Delivery to our customers.

Our distribution center has the capacity to supply every store in our country as well as our corporate customers, and customers.

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